North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Slee


Slee Dufton

(E). And we all do fade as a leaf. In memory of John Slee, Far Close, who died May 4th 1872 aged 22 years. , also Mary Slee his sister who died February 20th 1870 aged 7 years. Jane their sister who died September 22, 1872 aged 6 m. Stephen who died November 27, 1879 aged 59 years.

Slee Kirkby Stephen

Erected in m. William Slee who departed this life June 17th 1841 aged 76, also William his son who died March 22nd 1833 aged 25.

Slee Long Marton

(S). R. Slee, Brampton who died January 30, 1848 aged 73.

Slee Long Marton

(S. W). In memory of Robert Slee of Brampton who died September 29th 1880 aged 69 y. also Margaret his wife who died October 8th 1888 aged 80 years. also John their son who died April 1, 1838 aged 18 m. also Mary their daughter who died at Long Marton December 8, 1842 aged 8 years. also Robert their son who died at West Hartlepoo1 September 28th 1876 aged 43 years.