North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Bradley


Bradley Appleby St Lawrence

(N.E.) In affectionate remembrance of Cowper Dixon Bradley who died at Southport, Lancashire 9th August 1867 aged 25 years. , a!so of Mary his sister, the wife of Isaac Teasdale Carlisle who fell asleep in Jesus 28th November 1871 aged 27 years.

Bradley Barton

(S.E). In affectionate remembrance of Robert Bradley of Low Close, Askham, who died September . 27th 1872 aged 34 years. also of Ann his wife who died at Low Close May 2nd 1872 aged 39 years. This Tombstone was erected by a few of his neighbours as a token of esteem and respect.

Bradley Beetham

(W). In A. R. Elizabeth daughter of William and Dorothy Bradley of Wood Edge who died March 24th 1843 aged 4 years. , also Amy Isabel, their daughter who d. December 9th 1871 aged 14 years. , also Eleanor their daughter who died December 12th 1871 aged 31 years. " Thy will be done."

Bradley Beetham

(W). Sacred memory of Robert Bradley, died April 15th 1838 aged 73 years. , also Ann Bradley his wife died February 13th 1849 aged 76 years. Also Mary Ann Bradley their Daughter died November l0th 1856, Aged 46 years. Also Robert Bradley, their Son, died at Leasegill April 12th 1875 Aged 74Y.

Bradley Brougham

(I n 3 portions perpendicularly, first part in centre of floor , chancel entrance, second and third parts lost, 1888. Here lieth the Body of Cvthbert Bradley whoe trvly was the good and parentall, painfvl, devovt and godly pastor of this chvrch 43 year and whoe was bvried on the 8 of Febrv. . . . . (Hill MSS. v. 23).†

Bradley Kirkby Lonsdale

(N. altar tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Robert Bradley of Kirkby Lonsdale who departed this life the 21st of February 1838 aged 70 years. Also of Mary Bradley his wife who died the 19th of August 1853 aged 71 years. "Watch, therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." Matt. iv., 42.

Bradley Kirkby Stephen

(In. chancel N). Alice Georgiana, wife of the Reverend R. R. Bradley died at Cape Coast on the xxix day of July mdccci Aged xxii years.

Bradley Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Robert Bradley of Kirkby Stephen who died 28th March 1789 aged 75 years. also Ann his wife who died 28th July 1785 aged 61. Isabel their daughter who died October 11th 1783 aged 35 years. Robert Bradley their son, who was buried on the 22nd February 1803 aged 53 years. also Isabel his wife who died March 11th 1785 aged 38 years. John their son who died June 27th 1808 aged 27 years. also Orton Bradley of Eden Place, eldest son of the last named Robert Bradley & Margaret his second wife who died March 28th 1857 aged 69 years. In memory of Mary the third daughter of Orton & Mary Bradley of Eden Place, who died 14th May 1834 aged 18 years. Mary Bradley widow of the above named Orton Bradley who died at Watford, Herts, the 3rd July 1865 aged 77 years.

Bradley Warcop

(S). Robert Banks of Sandford who died November . 10th 1762 aged 36 years. Dorothy his wife who died April 25th 1807 aged 84 years. Also Thomas Banks who died March 18, 1838 aged 81 years. Margaret his wife died June 23, 1808 Æ: 42 years. Also Dorothy Bradley B. May 6th 1788, died January 21st 1875.