North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Gough


Gough Kendal

(In. clerestory window S). The Gift of Thomas Gough and Samuel Whinerey (2 shields) I, gu. a caduceus. Motto, Medicinæ Literis. 2. az. cross or between 4 saltires &c. Motto, Spes nostra Deus. (Mr. Rushforth).

Gough Kendal

(E). In memory of John Gough who died July 28th 1825 aged 68 years. Harrinson Gough died June 8th 184 aged 5 years. Dorothy Gough died October 24th 1821 aged 5 years. , Elizabeth Gough died March 6th 1836 aged 22 years. Susannah Gough died March 29th 1847 aged 45y. (John G. called by Dr. Kitto and others the blind Philosopher. Mr. Jennings).

Gough Kendal

(N. W). In memory of Mary Agnes Gough who departed this life on the 25th of January 1831 Aged 61. Also of Sarah Gough who died on the 26th of August 1832 Aged 22.

Gough Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Agnes wife of Harry Gough (late of Manchester) who died November 19th 1814 in the 30th years. of her age, after a painful illness which she endured with exemplary patience & resignation. Also of Mary Lambert her mother who died at Crosby-Garret, August 22d 1825 aged 66.