North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Briggs


Briggs Appleby St Lawrence

(In. W). Sacred memory of Robert Robertson late of this place, solicitor. He died February 23d 1813 aged 68 years. also of Mary his wife who died Augst 31st 1821 aged 70 years. & of their nephew Thomas Briggs Esqr the deputy sheriff of the county for 8 years. . he died 29th September 1833 in the 54th years. of his age.

Briggs Beetham

(W). Sacred memory of Thomas Briggs of Slackhead Who died January 27th, 1821 Aged 65 Y. And of Betty Briggs his wife Who died June 7th 1808 Aged 49 years. Also of Sarah Briggs their daughter, for thirty six years. the faithful Servant of John Simpson Esqr of Lancaster and his family, Who died much regretted 21st of May 1846 Aged 56 years.

Briggs Burton In Kendal

(W. church yard wall). † In Memory of George Swain for 26 years. a faithful servant of Thomas Briggs of this place, died 11th of April 1860 in the 40th year of his age. This stone was erected by his numerous friends in the neighbourhood as a mark of respect and affection.

Briggs Heversham

(S) . In affectionate remembrance of Mary, eldest daughter of the late James & Hannah Briggs of Milnthorpe who died March 23rd 1881 aged 59 years.

Briggs Heversham

(S. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Thomas Briggs of Milnthorpe who died March 23rd 1826 Aged 58 years. Also of Mary Briggs, Wife of the above Thomas Briggs, who died Decr. 14th 1847 Aged 75 years. Also of James Briggs, Son of Thomas and Mary Briggs who died May 23rd 1844 Aged 48 years. Also of Hannah wife of the above James Briggs, who died July 7th 1842 Aged 43 years. Also of Bryan, Son of James and Hannah Briggs who died July 6th 1832 Aged 2 years. And of Elizabeth their daughter who died March 16th 1841 Aged 16 weeks. And of Hannah Maria their daughter who died April 15th 1848 Aged 15 years. Also of Jane Briggs their daughter who died June 20th 1849 Aged 28 years. Also of Ann Briggs their daughter who died June 2nd 1858 Aged 21 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Reverend XIV. XIII. The opening buds of youth And Manhood's blooming prime Death withers by his blast, The full blown flowers of age Are cull'd by time at last,

Briggs Kendal

(In. N.W.floor). died Threlfall 1822. E. Briggs, 1842.

Briggs Kirkby Lonsdale

(N. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Ann wife of Edward Briggs of Casterton who departed this life July 30th 1827 aged 56 years. Also of Robert Cragg Briggs, Son of the above Edward & Ann Briggs who departed this life November . 15th 1833 aged 38 years. And of two other Sons of the said Edward & Ann Briggs, viz. Richard who died December 3rd 1838 Aged 49 years. And John who died September l0th 1840 Aged 31 years. Likewise of the said Edward Briggs who died August 22nd 1842 Aged 85 years.

Briggs Kirkby Lonsdale

(N. altar tomb). In memory of Jane Briggs who died June 14th 1827 aged 70 years.

Briggs Kirkby Lonsdale

(N). In memory of Mary Briggs late of Lupton Hall, who died January 8th 1858 aged 48, also of Jane Briggs, sister of the above who died Decbr. 16th l883 aged 76.