North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Hind


Hind Kendal

(S. E). This monument is erected to the memory of Robert Hind late of Kendal, auctioneer; by the assiduous discharge of the duties of his business & by his strict attention to the interests of his employers he gained the confidence of his friends; his public spirit & indepen- dence of mind were known to all ; he was So severely wounded by the sudden explosion of a cannon that he survived the accident only two days, & prematurely died reconciled to his fate (depending upon the mercy of his creator) in the fifty-third years. of his age on the sixth day of July MDCCCXX* * Mr. Robert Hind was a prominent Freemason, and this monument was erected by the "brethren." Over the inscription is the representation of an open bible on which rests a square and compasses in the third degree, surmounted by the letter" G." in the keystone of an arch.