North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Burn


Burn Kendal

(N. W). Sacred memory of David Jackson who died 7th November . 1822 Aged 63. Also of E. A. J. -E. J. -& W. died J. His three Children by Maria his Wife. Also of Elizth. Warne (Mother of the said Maria Jackson) who died 3d October 1826 Aged 90. Also of William Burn her Brother who died Apl. 19, 1822 Aged 88. Also of Maria, Relict of the above David Jackson, who died January 11, 1849 Aged 75. Also of D.J. herNephew who died Apl. 29, 1836 aged 32.

Burn Orton

(In. Choir, N). To the memory of John Burn of Orton Esquire only Son of the late Richard Burn, LL.D. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland. He was an able and upright Magistrate, a warm and steadfast Friend, a kind and hospitable Neighbour, and his loss will be long and severely felt by his Country & Acquaintance. He died 20th February 1802 aged 58.

Burn Orton

(In. Choir, N). In memory of Joseph Burn Esquire, Son of John Burn Esquire, who died at Barcelona in Spain on the 12th day of July 1818 in the 49th years. of his age. Also of Elizabeth his Wife who died at Bath on the 6th day of May 1813 aged 31 years. by whom he had two Children, namely Sophia born November 19th 1807 and Richard born November 16th 1811. Arms.- Vert, chevron ermine between 3 lions rampant or on chief erminois 3 fountains bordure wavy ar. impaling ar. cross couped gu. between 3 crescents az. (Vila). Crest.-Demi-lion rampant erminois holding between the paws fountain as in the arms.

Burn Orton

(Int. Choir, S). Hatchment. Vert, chevron ermine between 3 lions rampant or, on chief erminois 3 fountains, border wavy az. impaling ar. cross couped gu. between 3 crescent az. (Vila).

Burn Orton

(In. Choir, N). Sacred memory of Richard Burn, LL.D. forty-nine years. Vicar of this Parish And more than twenty Chancellor of the Diocese. He was an impartialMagistrate An able Divine of undissembled Piety A learned and honest Man, Not less distinguished for his Knowledge and Labours In the Civil and Ecclesiastical Laws of this Kingdom Than for his accurate investigation of the History And Antiquities of this County. Conspicuous for his judgment Probity and Candour And the general complacency of his Manners, Affable and Chearful (sic) in Conversation, Sincere and steady in his Attachments, His improved endowments rendered him An Ornament to his Country, His disposition endeared him to his Friends. In Health he was unremitting in the Discharge of his Parochial Duties, In Sickness Calm Patient and Resigned. He died 12 November MDCCLXXXV. Aged 76. Anne his Wife died 7 January MDCCLXX. Aged 73. She fulfilled the important relative Duties of Wife, Mother, and Neighbour With propriety worthy the imitation of Posterity. Arms.- Ar. chevron gu. between 3 lions rampant sa. chief ermine. Crest.- Demi-lion rampant ar.

Burn Shap

(N .) In affectionate remembrance of William son of William and Elizabeth Burn of Shap, born June 12th 1858 died May 30th 1870. " He is not dead but sleepeth."