North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Long


Long Kendal

(W). In memory of Jane Long, youngest daughter of Thomas and Jane Long of Mint House near Kendal, who died June 1st 1813 Aged 13 years. Also Barbara second daughter of the above who died April 8th 1815 Aged 17 years. Also of James Hoggarth Long Esqre. of Mint House who died July 4th 1829 Aged 38 years. And of Jane his eldest daughter who died May 21st 1837 Aged 15 years.

Long Windermere

(S). Here lies the remains of Margaret Gillhuly daughter of Abraham and Sarah Long, born in Winster the 2nd of March 1760, died in Kendal December 14th 1839 Aged 79 years.