North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Penny


Penny Kendal

(E). Here lieth the body of Joseph Penny who died December . 25th 1811 Aged 47. Also of Jane his Wife who died March 23rd 1829 Aged 67. Reader, here mix'd with kindred clay, Our bodies wait the last great day, When hoary Time shall reign no more. When earthly scenes shall all be o'er, And when th' assembled world shall stand To hear th' Eternal King's command ; When, blissful hope, we'll tune our lay With angels bright in endless day. Also of Agnes Sharp, daughter of the above who died 22nd September 1831 Aged 33. Reader Who gazeth on this lettered stone, On this important truth thou mayest rely, To thee both Death and Judgment may be nigh. O let this solemn thought where 'ere (sic) thou art, Find place within and regulate thy heart. Also of William Simpson who died on the 31st of May 1853 Aged 7 years.