North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Craven


Craven Kendal

(W. altar tomb). Here lie the Remains of William Robinson, Mason, who died the l0th day of March 1781 Aged 61. Margaret his Wife, who died the 13th day of July 1781 Aged 66. And William Robinson their Son who died the 28th of December 1787 Aged 57. Jane Robinson his surviving Widow caused this Tomb to be erected. And William Robinson, her second Husband who died March 22d 1804 Aged 34, And George Craven her Father who died April 12th 1797 Aged 67. And Agnes Craven, his Widow who died April 19th 1821 Aged 93. The above Jane Robinson, died May 11th 1850 Aged 85. And Agnes daughter of the above Jane Robinson, who died August 17th 1852 Aged 64.