North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Rutson


Rutson Kendal

(E. altar tomb). Beneath (Underneath) lie the r(R)emains of Alderman Robert Rutson Mayor of Kendal 1751-2 (Robert Rutson, Shearman Dyer) who died (L). the 20th of September . 1760 in the 59th years. (60 y). of his a(A)ge, by whose d(D)eath his w(W)ife lost a kind h(H)usband, his children a tender parent, the c(C)ommunity an honest t(T)radesman, the c(C)orporation of Kendal a w(Worthy m(M)ember. Here also lies the b(B)ody of Margaret his w(W)ife who d. the (the) 2nd d(D)ay of April 1766 aged 61 years. & (61 And) the r(R)emains of Margaret Wilson late w(W)ife of James Wilson s(S)hearman in Kendal. & d(D)a. of the said Robert & Margaret Rutson who died March (the) l0th 1795 in the 69th years. (69 Y). of her age, also the remains of (against end, died January 13th 1837) Agnes d(D)a. of Alexander Carson of Liverpool m(M)erchant. (conclusion of old M .1). & grand-da. of the above James & Margaret Wilson who died January 13th 1837 aged 34 years. * * The variations in brackets refer to the former box-tomb, which made way for the present one some 20 years ago.