North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Cartmel


Cartmel Beetham

(In. N). In memory of Thomas Cartmel of Farleton who died the 1lth August 1785 aged 72; and Mary his wife, elder daughter of William Yeats of Nether Leck who died 21st April 1808 aged 88, and of Thomas Cartmel their eldest son, who died 13th January 1819 aged 66; and Nancy his wife who died 16th April 1844 aged 73, also of Thomas, eldest son of the above named Thomas and Nancy Cartmel who died 23rd September 1832 aged 32; and Anne his only child who died 14th of June 1833 aged 17 m., also George, rector of Pwlly-Crochan, Pembroke, second son of the above named Thomas and Nancy Cartmel who died 24th June 1857 aged 54, and was interred in Pwlly-Crochan churchyard, also of William their third son, who died 2nd January 1856 aged 51.

Cartmel Beetham

(W). + To the memory of William Cartmel of Farleton who died January 2nd , 1856 aged 51 years.

Cartmel Burton In Kendal

(In. S). To Memory of John Lucas of Holme in this Parish, Yeoman, Who died March the 18th 1794, Aged 81. He bequeathed in trust to John Hutton, Vicar of this Parish, and Thomas Cartmel of Farleton gentleman. and their Heirs, to be placed out at Interest, For the benefit of the School, £40. For an annual afternoon sermon. 12; For Bread for the Poor Housekeepers of Holme who come to Church on Sundays, 60; For the Poor Housekeepers of Holme 10; For those of Burton 5£, Hale and Whasset 5£ 10.

Cartmel Heversham

(S. altar tomb, rails). Sacred memory of William Bindloss of Deepthwaite who died 27th April 1841 Aged 74 years. S. also to the memory of Alice Bindloss, relict of the above who d. 13th February . 1844 Aged 68 years. And of their children viz, Elizabeth Bindloss who died 21st November , 1806 Aged 4 years. , Emma Bindloss, who died 22nd April 1823 aged 4 years. , Robert Johnson Bindloss who died 11th May 1830 Aged 17 years. Susanna Clegg who died 20th September . 1832 Aged 28 years. William Bindloss who died l0th March 1835 Aged 35 years. Richard Story Bindloss who died 8th July 1842 Aged 31. Alice Bindloss who died 1st September . 1844 Aged 36 years. Mary Cartmel who died 6th November . 1850 Aged 44 y, Dorothy Stoddart who died January l0th 1861 Aged 45 years.