North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Thornburgh


Thornburgh Appleby St Lawrence

(N. window seen in 1855, since disappeared). Arms :--4ly 1 & 4, sa: 3 greyhounds courant collared ar. ; 2 & 3, ermine, fretty gu. chief of last, (& then put in wrong i.e. Thornburgh 1 & 4 Machell 2 & 3 with dogs running to sinister. See E. died N. alph. & Dugdale's Church Notes 1664 West. Visit. C. 39, 2nd cal. 2, Coll. Arms, which last gives it Machell impaling Thornburgh, as also does Hill .MSS. I. 161.

Thornburgh Kendal

(Bellingham chapel E. on pillar). On earth three score a tene years spent| or nighe ther abowts this lyffe changed | Dame Thomasin Thorn bvrgh hence went | heavenlye joyes to joye expected | wiffe to Sir William Thornbvrgh Knyght |whylst on earth he was remaynyng. | Sir Robert Bellingham gentle knyght | hir father was wyth whom ending| she desired sepvlted to be | as here hir corps, hir hope (serving) (Whitaker II. 33Q, & Mr. Nicholson p. 59) Vnder lyeth as yove maye see | hir Spirit wyth the blessed being | the eleventhe of Avgvst she expired | a yeare of Christ on thowsand | fyve hundteth eightie too | (ended adds Whitaker) this world she left (there of not l0th) | almightie God hir sowle receave to hevenly blis she hvmblye craved. Arms, tin tures now, 1888, indistinct). I. erm. fret and chief gu. (Thornburgh) ; II. ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of last cross (flory) of field. (Broughton), III. ar. 2 bars and canton gu. over all bend az. (not ar. Mr. N. p. 59, Coupland). IV. fretty ar. (Harrington), V. ar. 3 bugle horns sa. garnished and stringed gu. (St. George says or) (Bellingham), VI. ar. 3 bendlets gu. on canton of last lion rampant of field (Burneshead). (Coll. Alms, I. C. B. 2nd Cal. 16, i.e. Copy of St. George's 1615 Westmd. Visit).

Thornburgh Windermere

(In. S. choir window). Arms, erm. fretty gu. chief of last (Thornburgh). Hill MSS. ii., 211. Also or, horse shoe sa. is noted .