North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Longmire


Longmire Kendal

(N. altar tomb). In memory of James Webster late of Kendal who died at High House, Natland, October lst 1837 aged 73 years. and of Agnes his wife, who died at Kirfitt Hall, Casterton, December 13th 1800, aged 38 years. , also of Jane their da. who died April 20th 1833 aged 36 y and of Eleanor second wife of James Webster, who died at High House, Natland, November 19th 1834 aged 81 years. , also of Elizabeth, daughter of James and Agnes Webster and wife of William Longmire who died 8th August 1851 aged 57 years. , also of Elizabeth Williamina their daughter who died l0th June 1839, aged 10 m.

Longmire Orton

(N). I.H.S. In affectionate remembrance of Eleanor wife of John Longmire of Bottom Farm, Silverdale, who died 14th October 1880 aged 48 years.