North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Whitehead


Whitehead Appleby St Lawrence

(E). The Lord gave & the Lord.hath taken away. In affectionate remembrance of the undernamed beloved children of John & Mary Ann Whitehead of Elm Bank, Bongate. Alfred William died 24th February 1861, aged 10 m. Harry Cockfield drowned in the river Eden whilst heroically endeavouring to save a younger brother 30th December 1874, aged 18 years. Norah Kathleen died at Dunbar 6th June 1875 and interred there aged 10 m.

Whitehead Kendal

(In. S.W. floor). Robert Whitehead, 1825.

Whitehead Ormside

(S. altar tomb, rail). Frederick William Whitehead Esqre, late lieutenant, Royal Artillery, who died at Sandford 26th May 1863 aged 32 years.

Whitehead Orton

(S). In memory of George Whitehead of Ellergill who departed this life April 26th 1835 aged 64 years. and Isabel his daughter who departed life December 27th 1798 aged 2 years. And of Hannah his wife who died at Ellergill September . 18th 1859 aged 82 years. (Other side). Sacred memory of William Whitehead of Ellergill who departed this life July 15th 1827 aged 85 years. and Isabella his wife who departed life October 21st 1832 aged 86 years.

Whitehead Orton

(S). Sacred memory of Hannah wife of William Whitehead of Kelleth who died April 27th 1870 aged 53 years. " Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Whitehead Orton

(S). In memory of James Whitehead of Appleby, formerly of Raisbeck, who died 19th December 1861 aged 68 years. and Agnes his wife who died 12th July 1852 aged 51 years. Also of Robert Atkinson their second son who died 1st June 1841 aged 9 years. and Agnes their second daughter who died 31st October 1841 aged 14 years.

Whitehead Orton

(S). Memento Mori. Sacred memory of the Reverend John Atkinson Whitehead, Memory of A., perpetual curate of Thrimby and son of Mr. Robert Whitehead of Kelleth in this parish obiit 12 September 1857 Ætatis suæ 40. Also to the memory of the above-named Robert Whitehead who died March 12th 1864 aged 87 years. And of Jane his wife who died April 6th 1821 aged 43 years. and Jane their daughter died January 15th 1886 aged 79 years.

Whitehead Orton

(E). In memory of John Whitehead of Orton who died 8th September 1876 aged 77 years. Also of Mary his wife who died 20th July 1854 aged 53 years. Also of their children John died 1st March 1826 aged 16 weeks. Isabella died 16th March 1837 aged 12 weeks. Maria died 31st December . 1849 aged 19 years. William died 2ndAugust 1868 aged 29 years. John died 9th September . 1878 aged 44 years.

Whitehead Orton

(S). Sacred memory of Mary the beloved wife of Edmund Whitehead of Raisbeck who died June 20th 1855 aged 77 years. Also of the above-named Edmund Whitehead who died September 12th. 1865 aged 85 years.