North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Bordley


Bordley Kendal

(Board). Donations to the poor for Bread. A.D. 1710 Rowland Wilson Esqr. London, Rent Charge on Grassgarth, Hugill, of £2 12S. od. Annually. 1750 Mr. John Robinson, Lane Foot, Strickland Ketel, Rent charge on Green Rigg Underbarrow of £2 12s. 0d. Annually. 1811 Mrs. Catherine Bordley. Kendal, Interest of £119 2s. 11d. New 3 per cents. 1813 Mr. William Sleddall, Kendal, Interest of £156 7s. 10d. New 3 per cents, 1846 Mrs. Elizabeth Rigg, Manchester, Moiety of Rents of Two Dwelling Houses, Wool Pack Yard. 1852 Reverend George Braithwaite Memory of A. Kendal, Interest of £198 15s. 2d. 3 per cent Consols. 1856 Mr. Christopher Gardner of Kendal, Ironmonger, Interest of £108 5s. 1d. 3 per cent Consols, being a gift to the Poor in commemoration of the Parish Church Restoration.