North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Ashton


Ashton Kirkby Lonsdale

(In. Tower wall N. urn & 3 inscriptions on pediment). I. (centre). To m. Hugh Ashton Esq. of Underley Hall who died XII January MDCCXLIX aged XLVI. Eleanor Benn his wife XXI November MDCCLXXXII aged LXXIX and James their son XVI November MDCCLXV aged. xxx. 2 (left). Arthur Burrow Esq. of Lupton died XIV January MDCCLXVII aged XXXVI. Frances Ashton his wife XXI March MDCCCV aged LXVII and J oseph Burrow Esq. of Kirkby Lonsdale III June MDCCLXXXVII aged XXIV and Arthur Burrow Esq. A.B. of London XXII June MDCCCXXVII aged XXXVIll, whose virtues, worth and learning need not here to be recorded. 3 (right) William Birdsworth Esq. of Kirkby Lonsdale, died XXVI March MDCCCX aged LXXII, Anne Ashton his Wife III February MDCCCIll aged LXVI and Eleanor their daughter XVI April MDCCCI aged xxxv and James their son XXVII November MDCCCXVI aged XXXIX.