North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Baines


Baines Kirkby Lonsdale

(In the Vestry). Arms, (with lambrequin) 3 men with shields and spears. C. W. 1668. (In. N. on Wood). This porch by ye banes first builded was of heigholme hall they weare, and after Sould to Christopher Wood by willyam baines thereof last heyre, and is repayred as you see, and sett in ordergood: by the true owner nowe thereof, the foresaide Christopher Wood.* * This porch is now gone. See Cumbd. & Westmd. Antiq. & Arch. Soc. Trans. pt. II, vol. 1, p. 198, i.e. Art. xix, on Kirkby Lonsdale Church, by the Rev. Canon Ware.