North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Gill


Gill Appleby St Lawrence

(E.) In memory of Jane Gill who died March 26 1845 aged 21 years. , and we all do fade as a leaf. Also in m. Robert Fauset of Appleby, plumber, one of the common councilmen of the borough of Appleby, who died 28 February 1865, aged 57 years.

Gill Kirkby Lonsdale

(N. stone edging). I.H.S. Here resteth the body of Jonas Gill 25 years. schoolmaster in this parish, born 5th February 1829, died 7th July 1880, also here resteth the body of Thomas, son of Jonas and Mary Gill, born 12th March 1870, died 15th March 1875.

Gill Kirkby Stephen

In affectionate remembrance of Elizabeth Gill Wife of William Gill, Linehams, who departed this life June 1st 1860 aged 65 years. , also of John their son who died October 12th 1841 aged 21y., & of William their son, who died December . 5th, 1860 aged 38y.

Gill Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Thomas Gill late of Rookby-scarth, who died December 19th 1820 aged 55. Also of Margaret his wife who died December 4th 1848 aged 86, Also of Jane their daughter who died July 19th 1820 aged 16 years.

Gill Kirkby Stephen

In memory of Thomas Gill, surgeon (late of Kirkby-Stephen) who died May 19th 1846 aged 50 years. also of Frances his wife who died February 12th 1850 aged 57 years.