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Westmorland Church Notes - Sturgeon


Sturgeon Kirkby Lonsdale

(In. S). In memory of William Sturgeon who was born at Whittington A.D. 1783 and buried at Prestwich, Lancashire on the 8th day of December 1850. He was the son of parents in humble life and served as a private in the Royal Artillery for nearly 20 years. After completing his term of service he successfully devoted himself to the study of the physical sciences with powers of originality and industry rarely equalled; besides contributing numerous works to the scientific literature of his country, he was the discoverer of the soft iron electro magnet, the amalgamated zinc battery, the electro magnetic coil machine; and the reciprocating magnetic electrical machine; inventions of the highest value, and which along with many others he freely gave to the world. His name will be perpetuated as long as the science he cherished continues to exist.