North of the Sands

Westmorland Church Notes - Thornton


Thornton Kirkby Lonsdale

(W. wall). Near this place is interr'd Mrs. Dorothy Thornton, Widow of Mr. R. Thornton & daughter to the late Mr. Thomas Bigland of Bigland in Lanckshire Gentn. who Dyed 23 Janry. 1768 Æ. 67.

Thornton Kirkby Stephen

(Brass, chancel floor). To Memory of Ann (Wife of Joseph Thornton Gent) Whose corruptible part is here deposited Till it shall be raised in Incoruption (sic). She died a Sincere Member of the Christian Church: Carefully Obedient to the precepts; Firmly believing the promises; Humbly confiding in the Merits of her blessed Redeemer, God Incarnate. Amidst the Blessings of Life which She chearfully enjoy'd; The Duties of it, which She faithfully discharg'd; The pleasures of it, in which She innocently Shar'd She forgot not Immortality, Still mindfull of the Shortness and uncertainty, the Value and Importance of Time. Her early care was so to employ it, as thereby to purchase a blissful Eternity, Hence Reader, learn to die. Ob. 30–March, A.D. -1746, .Æt.–39.